Once upon a time...

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In 1905 in Englevale, North Dakota a young man and his wife started a farm and a family. The farm began with a very small home and a barn. As the farm grew so did the family. The farm grew crops and animals, the farm became known for its Shetland ponies and its pigs. Nelson Christian Anderson II worked on the farm with his brothers and sisters, they named the farm Pigs and Ponies Sunny View Farms.

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After going away to college Nelson became a county extension agent for the University of North Dakota, then in 1946 he and his wife and young family moved to Oregon. He became and extension agent for Oregon State University. He, his wife and family of seven are known throughout the state. In 2002, a new nursery farm was started by Nelson and his youngest son Richard, known as Anderson Family Farms, LLC.

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Anderson Family Farms, LLC, is located in Canby, Oregon and is operated by Richard, his sons and grandsons.

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Anderson Family Farms grows nursery stock, trees, shrubs and ground covers as well as flowers and vegetables. A small farm stand and 10 acres of product is open to the public and is a fun place, full of ideas and helpful Andersons. Come visit us!